Why We Challenge The Hype

This website (and organization) was founded with the purpose of breaking through the hype of the media, particularly of online media, in regards to news, commentary, opinion pieces, propaganda, technology, and other developments. All too often, people (journalists, bloggers, spokesmen, advocates, politicians, etc.) over-hype information, and this hype leads to misunderstandings, wasteful enthusiasm, misguided FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt), irresponsible allocation of resources, and even war and death.

Challenge the Hype seeks to address these concerns by cutting every kind of hype, especially on the major issues, down to size. By evaluating and analyzing hype with an objective and unbiased mind, We can properly understand the reality of things, and accurately discern how we should interact with it.

In my view, the majority of the problems in the world are caused by misunderstandings, and a great deal of these misunderstandings are caused by exaggerated media. Rather than conveying truly fair and balanced opinions, the vast majority of media sources endeavour to exploit the most of minute of details to further their own agendas, framing facts and opinions alike in such a manner that distorts information, generating misunderstandings for their own agenda.

While we don't have any intention of hindering such irresponsible behavior (that would interfere with the freedom of expression that keeps civilization free, creatively-minded, and healthy), we do seek to counter that irresponsibility by challenging distorted media, and those who would propagate it.